“I’m convinced that the
transformational power of Thank You
has never been fully realized.”

A few years ago I started on an amazing journey. Like you, I’ve run across plenty of life’s stumbling blocks. Thankfully, each time life threw me a challenge, there was always someone there to help me grow or make my life easier. I learned to look out for these very special people and to thank them by writing a heartfelt note expressing my gratitude.

Why a written thank you? There’s something incredibly empowering about the written word. As we write, our consciousness and energy flow onto paper and touch people in very personal ways. The written word has changed the world and it can change your world as well.

As I embraced the daily practice of gratitude, I saw my life change. Each day I grew stronger, more fulfilled and more empowered. And with each note of thanks I sent, the Universe responded with a beautiful daily miracle.

I invite you to join me on this remarkable journey – a journey that will change the way you see the world and transform your life through the power of gratitude.

“There is so much more to the world than what we see. We can impact our internal energy and external circumstances with gratitude. I can prove it. I have proven it. And once more people try it and feel its power, I can see the world transforming exponentially.”

Elena Anguita

“Gratitude knows
no boundaries.”

Elena Anguita is a change agent, author, and speaker who passionately supports education, literacy, and helping people learn. In 2017, she launched the Spread Thanks revolution, a movement to encourage personal gratefulness through the sending of daily thank you notes. Her enthusiasm and professionalism are putting this simple, yet transformational practice on the map as more and more people are creating miracles in their lives through gratitude.

In her corporate career, Elena is an account executive for a leading American educational products company. She works closely with K-12 schools providing solutions to help educators become more productive and to help school children succeed. This career path began more than 18 years ago where Elena excelled within IBM’s Educational Systems Division.

Over the years, Elena has been nationally recognized with multiple awards, both for sales achievement and customer satisfaction, including the prestigious IBM Golden Circles which are granted only to the company’s highest achievers. Elena lives in Pennsylvania and has a gift for connecting people and ideas in miraculous ways.